If you are installing or repairing a slate roof this summer before the poor weather sets in for the autumn, speeding up the installation of the slates and improving the performance of the roof profile will be a key focus of the project. Taking care of every aspect of the slate roof installation from fixing the individual tiles to finishing off the verge, our Easy Roof Systems dry fix slate products are terrifically high grade professional roofing supplies for long lasting waterproofing.

A unique alternative to traditional cement verge systems, Easy Roof uses no mortar and all of the components are made from a high grade high impact plastic material to guarantee exceptional long lasting service with no risk of undermining caused by crumbling mortar, and no staining or streaking of the roof tiles by wet concrete. The complete Easy Roof system is comprised of five separate components:

  • Easy Slate
  • East Verge
  • Easy Soaker
  • Easy Valley
  • Easy Tray
Working together to protect the roof profile from water ingress and even wind-driven rain, Easy Roof is the quickest and best looking slate dry verge system available. The Easy Slate fixing strips eliminate the angle of creep and create a watertight seal between the slates, allowing the tiles to be laid on a roof with an angle as low as 12o. Ventilation and further waterproofing are provides by the Easy Soaker, Easy Valley and Easy Tray components, all of which provide a low maintenance solution to water coursing with their unique super seals which create an instantly watertight seal on installation.

To finish the roof profile with a flawless and professional looking verge, Easy Verge works with no need for an undercloak. Using the same high performance flexible super seals as the other Easy Roof products, waterproofing the roof edge with Easy verge is instant and long lasting.

All Easy Roof products are designed to blend extremely well with a slate roof profile and to offer long lasting aesthetically pleasing roof profile. For more information on their unique benefits please visit our main roofing supplies website.

Post By Marc