Good morning! The weather has been dreadful here this week so I thought it would be appropriate to highlight a fantastic new dry verge system which has been very popular on our new roofing supplies website and really is a fantastic alternative to traditional verge.


Our Easy Roof System includes Easy Slate, Easy Verge, Easy Soaker, Easy Valley and Easy Tray – a complete dry verge system manufactured from the highest grade high impact plastic to provide a quickly installed and reliable waterproofing system for slate roofs. Designed for use with manmade and natural slate, Easy Slate is an incredibly low maintenance fixing for slates using high-performance rubber to create a watertight seat between the tiles. What sets Easy Slate apart from other tile fixing systems is the fact that these rubber seals increase ventilation while eliminating the angle of creep allowing the tiles to be installed on roofs with a pitch as low as 12o!


Further waterproofing and ventilation is achieved with the Easy Soaker, Easy Valley and Easy Tray systems, all of which are made from tough high impact plastic guaranteed to provide a long lasting flawless finish to the roof verge system. With the same high-performance rubber seals as Easy Slate, these products form an instant waterproof seal on installation which also prevents the slates from slipping, preventing the need for further maintenance.

To finish the dry verge system, Easy Verge is fixed to the top of the fascia board over the end of the roof battens and removes the need for undercloak. Supplied in three metre lengths, this plastic verge can be cut to size to provide a clean and professional finish every time.

The unique rubber seals on all Easy Roof System products cushions the tiles reducing breakage and making installation fast and efficient. Unlike some other tile fixing systems, the Easy Roof rubber will not stain tiles and is designed specially to combat wind driven rain. We think this is one of the most cost-effective and efficient dry verge systems available!

We’re really excited about our new online roofing supplies site and we are adding new products all the time so do keep checking back, and visit our Facebook and Twitter pages to find out about new products as we upload them!

Post By Marc