One of the key ranges of roofing supplies we have to offer includes a huge variety of rolled lead sheeting and lead roofing products, and it is easy to see why this versatile and high performance material remains a popular roofing sheet for a number of applications after centuries of use.

Incredibly easy to work by bossing, welding, fixing, cutting and jointing; lead can be used for a variety of roofing, cladding and even decorative applications. When properly installed with appropriate support and underlay, lead sheet offers a weather tight roof covering which also allows for thermal movement, resulting in a terrifically long lasting roof surface which is resistant to wind, fatigue, creep and most forms of corrosion.

Though lead is a very resilient roofing sheet, there are steps which may be taken to prevent corrosion caused by lichen growth and condensation which may undermine the strength of the sheet. Treating the surface of the lead with a chemical fungicide will help prevent the growth of moss and lichen, which produces an acid run-off which may create small holes under drip-off points. Similarly the waterproofing of lead may be damaged by excess build-up of condensation in the roof space, so adequate ventilation must be installed to prevent corrosion to the underside of the sheet. Despite these potentially damaging factors, lead sheet is fantastically resistant to atmospheric corrosion and if properly installed will provide a weatherproof covering for up to 100 years.

There are many different thicknesses of lead sheet available which are suitable for different roofing or cladding applications; thinner sheets for flashing and thicker sheets for flat roofing or areas of high foot traffic. The thickness of lead sheet is categorised into codes – the higher the number the thicker the sheet. Precise thicknesses of each code of sheet which we supply may be found on our website.

This 100% recyclable material is an economical choice of roof covering for a huge variety of roofing projects. Please visit the lead and lead accessories category of our main website to see the range of products we have to offer including fixing strips, underlay, welding kits and expansion joints of lead roofing applications. To keep up to date with our blogs in the future make sure you're following us on: FacebookTwitter and Google +.


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