If you're planning a big renovation project or even looking into building  your very own home, considering the material your roof is going to be made out of is crucial. Many other aesthetic and functional aspects of your home often take centre stage when you're planning your big home improvement, but make no mistake, getting the roofing materials right will not only lead to a better looking home, but also a safer home. So to get you prepared, Roofing Supplies have put together a range of the best materials to get the most out of your roof.

Concrete Tiles

A safe and reliable option, concrete tiles are cost effective and come in a versatile range of colours to suit many different styles of home. High performance, strong and impermeable, they come with a waterproof interlocking design and can be made to fit a number of more complex roofing shapes. The only disadvantage is that concrete is prone to chipping and discolouring as they are exposed to outdoor weathering over long periods of time. However, as a cheap and effective option  it's hard to go wrong with a simple concrete tile.

Clay Tiles

Extremely durable and hard-wearing, clay tiles are designed to be incredibly low maintenance and able to withstand all seasonal conditions, from everyday weathering to harsh freeze-thaw cycles. Another advantage to clay tiles is the aesthetic value, giving your home a traditional, more refined, architectural appeal. Although clay tiles are initially a greater expense, due to the longevity of the material and their ability to resist the effects of weathering, you'll find that they save you money on maintenance in the long run.

Slate Tiles

Along with concrete and clay, slate is another popular roofing material in the UK. Perfect for modern and traditional homes, the smart and simple slate tile design has a minimalism that suits cutting edge architecture whilst retaining a rustic quality that would suit barn conversions and country homes. The look of slate tiles is probably the biggest draw when considering your roofing materials  - they can come in a range of colour other than grey - but they also have to overlap sufficiently to ensure waterproofing. It's important to note that although slate can be split into tiles easily they are harder to manipulate into curved shapes.

Shingle roofing

Consisting of overlapping panels, shingles are comprised of a composite of materials. Perfect for those looking for a simple, attractive alternative to more costly roofing options, shingles are inexpensive and easy to install. The downside is that you do tend to get what you pay for and you will find that because shingles are a more temporary solution to conventional tiles, in the long run they do tend to show the effects of weathering more than slate, concrete or clay tile alternatives.

Post By Ed Mason