Slate roofing tiles are, by a wide margin, the most popular option for homeowners. Unfortunately, they’re also one of the most expensive. There are various cost effective alternatives to slate roofing tiles that deliver the necessary durability and protection, so if you’re on a tighter renovation budget, we strongly recommend investing in one of the following:

Concrete Tiles

Concrete tiles offer a lightweight and high quality solution to help you achieve excellent waterproofing and a superior roof aesthetic.

The choices of concrete tiles from Roofing Supplies Limited include a variety of designs, from plain to terracotta brindle. Manufactured to stringent requirements from the finest materials, each of these concrete plain tiles make the installation of the roof surface faster and more efficient.

The main flaw of concrete tiles, at least compared to slate, is longevity. They eventually have to be replaced at least once, and even that may be too costly given how long their slate counterparts last for.


Graphite Tiles

Popular in a variety of projects, this modern take on roofing uses a fibre/cement mix of Portland cement and non-asbestos superior blended synthetic and cellulose fibres. Many homeowners favour graphite for its light weight and uniform effect, as well as its extreme durability.

At Roofing Supplies Ltd. our graphite tiles exceed the usual arguments against the material. They are suitable for use with most common building materials (minus those vulnerable to alkaline attack), and they can be cut using the traditional method of scribing and breaking over a straight edge.


Clay Tiles

Next to slate, clay tiles are a good bet for value - lasting on average 50-70 years! They’re also resistant to nature (insects, rot etc.), and have excellent fireproof properties.

There are some major drawbacks to consider however. The price difference isn’t all that different to slate, and as a building material it’s horrendously heavy. Most regrettably, they aren’t environmentally friendly. The vitrification process to make them pollutes the air with carbon dioxide, and they lack any kind of recyclable value.

So, What Should You Choose Over Slate?

Well, in all honesty, nothing. A single slate roofing fitting is expected to last longer than a human generation, and sustain minimal damage in the meanwhile. They suit virtually every type of roof, and are hardly more difficult to install than any of the alternatives.

Our own Prime Roofing Slate Tiles boast a great flatness, very regular thickness, and as expected their long lasting finish will ensure a smooth surface is achieved on any roof. The fact that it’s natural slate also means less maintenance, and is likely to outlast the very building it covers.

Post By Ed Mason