Today we’re taking a break from highlighting the latest innovative roofing supplies we have to offer on our website to talk about an adventure and a worthy cause.

Serious driver and friend of RSL Roofing Supplies Sam Smith and his friends Alan Webster and Rik Milner have pledged to drive from England to Bratislava and back – a round trip of around 2,500 miles – as part of the Bratislava or Bust challenge for Engineers without Borders UK and the Prostate Cancer Charity. In a Mini.

'Bruce' the Mini

On the way to Bratislava the team, known as the ‘Young Ducks’, will have to navigate through seven countries in seven days, tackle a series of daily challenges and negotiate their way through Europe using their best language skills. It sounds like a real challenge to us, and one that deserves some serious sponsorship, but who is the money being raised for?

Canterbury to Bratislava

Engineers without Borders UK is an international development organisation dedicated to the removal of barriers to development through engineering. Using technology to tackle poverty, they concentrate on areas such as sustainable energy and water sources, ICT, transport and healthcare. The Prostate Cancer Charity, the team’s second charity, fights to help more men survive prostate cancer and enjoy a better quality of life. Their aim is to advance the understanding of prostate cancer to allow further development of treatment, tests and long-term care for cancer patients.

So, in August this year the three boys will set off from Canterbury in their red Mini (rather elegantly named ‘Bruce’) with their sights set on Bratislava. If you want to track their progress as they make their final preparations for the trip they have a blog set up with all the latest news and developments posted as they happen, and for more on Bratislava or Bust visit the ‘student adventures’ website.

The boys have already broken their £500 target for sponsorship – so let’s help them really smash it! Donations are accepted online and their sponsorship page can be found at Virgin Money Giving.

by Marc Yates

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