For those performing essential roofing tasks while we benefit from the last of the summer sun, proper ventilation products for pitched roofs are integral to maintaining effective air flow while also protecting the roof profile from adverse weather conditions, birds and other pests. Among our extensive range of online roofing supplies we have a number of capped tile vents which are ideal for installing with interlocking roof tiles to maintain the roof profile and provide a long lasting solution to proper ventilation.

All of our capped tile vents are manufactured by respected tile producer Klober, a name synonymous with innovation, quality and unwavering high performance. They are all made to the highest quality from high impact PVCu, guaranteeing resistance to fatigue caused by exposure to UV, maintaining the integrity of the roof surface. The advantage of capped ventilation tiles is they provide effective ventilation to a large area of the roof space while cutting the risk of water ingress and keeping large insects and birds at bay.

We have high performance Klober tiles which are compatible with a number of styles of concrete interlocking tiles, from traditional double Roman to a universal tile vent which suits most roof profiles. They are all designed to minimise the visual impact ventilation tiles can make when viewed from the ground, complementing the shape and profile of the roof tiles perfectly.

All of our Klober capped tiles can be used in conjunction with the relevant adaptors (also available in our range of ventilation roofing supplies) to provide effective ventilation for manual extraction or air-flow for soil pipes. These adaptors allow many kinds of ventilation projects to benefit from the performance of these tiles, and allow for a continuation of the aesthetic between the soil ventilation, manual extraction ventilation and roof space ventilation.

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Post By Marc