Those of you who regularly visit our roofing supplies website will have noticed that we have been adding to our range of concrete and clay Redland roof tiles over the past couple of weeks, and we have many new products to introduce.

Among our most recent additions to the site are our Grovebury and 50 Double Roman Redland Cloaked Verge tiles – one piece concrete roof tiles which provide a high performance and attractive finish to the roof verge. With no need for mortar, Cloaked Verge tiles carry the tiling over the gable end in creating a very high resistance to storm damage and wind driven rain. The Cloaked Verge is a popular choice of verge system because of the very neat finish it provides to the edge of the roof; and additionally, thanks to Redland’s interlocking design, these roof tiles create a roof profile that is guaranteed weathertight for 15 years when used with other Grovebury or 50 Double Roman tiles.

The interlocking design is not only designed to make the roof surface weathertight, it also makes the installation of these tiles remarkably fast and efficient. Once the roof is finished the interlock is hidden, and the high quality finish on Redland tiles is guaranteed to blend well with surrounding roof profiles and retain their aesthetic as they age.

For more information on our Cloaked Verge tiles from Redland, and to see our full range of clay and concrete roof tiles, please visit our main website.

by Marc Yates

Post By Marc