Last week I blogged about our new range of Redland roof tiles that we are currently adding to on our website, and this week I thought I’d highlight some of the superb products we have available for tiled roof ventilation – an integral part of a well-constructed roof profile.

Pitched roof ventilation underlay membraneAmong our range of pitched roof underlay we have a high performance membrane  from Permavent which is designed to work well with all roofing systems to allow water vapour to escape the roof space while keeping rain water out. It comprises a micro-porous film sandwiched between two sheets of triple-layered non-woven polypropylene, which together provide the strength and condensation-fighting combination needed in a quality underlay.

plastic ventilation tilesAlong with the proper underlay, ventilating roof tiles are also an essential part of proper pitched roof ventilation. We have a collection of superbly high quality ventilation tiles designed to blend with the roof profile to make a minimum impact on the aesthetic. All of these tiles are manufactured from the highest quality materials including high-density polypropylene and uPVC to ensure the greatest possible length of service and performance. For use with interlocking roof tiles, our ventilation tiles are made to match both shape and colour of the clay or concrete tile, and for use with soil ventilation or mechanical extraction systems adaptors are available.

Be sure to keep checking our collection of Redland tiles for new styles and designs – we’re adding to our range of online roofing supplies all the time!

by Marc Yates

Post By Marc