We're heading into the season of goodwill, and there's nothing better during the run up to Christmas than walking around where you live and admiring all of the sparkly Christmas lights. Excluding the expensive energy bill that they can run up, the effort of putting the lights up in the first place is what puts most people off hanging up Christmas lights on their roof. We promise that the initial time spent to put up the lights will be worth it, most people even leave them up all year round ready for switch on when Christmas comes around again! Whether you need a little helping hand this year or are crumbling to peer pressure from the kids, here are some easy steps that will help light your home up like the Blackpool illuminations in no time!

Installation of lights on a roof or house will take slightly longer than it would on a tree, window or door, as the lights do need to be fixed securely in place. We would also recommend getting them installed in advance on a dry and light day. This will make it much safer and easier to get the job done, as well as being more comfortable for you.

#1. Once you've chosen your Christmas lights, start to map out or visualise the area where you want them to go. When buying your lights make sure that they are UL-approved for outdoor use, as they need to be able to withstand unpredictable British weather!

#2. Locate an electrical receptacle that will be able to run heavy duty extension cords. You can either opt for a switch controlled outlet or plug your lights into an automatic timer. Just ensure that you aren't using an indoor timer for outdoor use.

#3. When you have decided what area of the house you want to attach the lights to, use a long measuring tape and measure the required length of the house along the ground. Additionally measure the height of any bushes or trees that you also want to string the lights on. Then measure the lengths of the lights that you want to hang up on the roof. This will allow you to work out how many 50 foot light strings you will need to meet these measurements.

#4. Before you go to the effort of putting the lights up make sure you test them first! There's nothing worse than spending an hour putting them up to admire your handy work and realise that the bulbs have gone in them! When checking the lights, look for faulty wires too which could present a potential fire hazard risk. This will allow you to identify which bulbs are missing or faulty so they can be replaced before they're strung up on your roof.

#5. Once they've been thoroughly tested, set up a ladder or step ladder depending on the height of the eaves. Once you're in place, and if you're intending to hang them along your eaves (this is the most popular option) for attaching them along the roof or gutters you will need some plastic clips to hand that are ideal for this job. The plastic clips are designed for use on gutters and they have a lower hook that will hold the light strand or extension cord. You'll want to space the clips fairly close to each other to ensure that the lights are clipped in securely along the length of the roof.

In 5 simple steps you'll have your house lit up in no time, we promise the neighbourhood will love you for it during the festive period! Will you be decorating your house with Christmas lights this year? Look out for our future blog posts over on over on our Facebook page, Twitter and Google +.

Post By Nicole Sage