Those of you who have visited our new website may have noticed we are now stockists of Solatube sun tunnels, which are market leaders in daylighting systems for commercial and domestic buildings. We are really excited to be able to offer these sun tunnels, which we think offer stunning results directing natural sunlight into interior spaces!

solatube sun tunnels

Using patented Raybender® 3000 technology, Solatube sun tunnels employ prism-like structures within the dome to direct sunlight (which would ordinarily pass through the dome) down the tunnel at the steepest possible angle. This means that Solatube sun tunnels give off excellent interior light even in low light, in mornings and evenings, and during winter months!

solatube sun tunnels

Once caught within the dome, sunlight is directed down the Solatube reflector which is made from 99.7% reflective material to ensure the greatest possible light is directed into the interior space. This really is a high performance system and the combination of the dome and the world’s most reflective sun tube guarantee remarkable results for interior spaces of up to 13m2.

Included with our Solatube kits is a diffuser which is positioned on the ceiling of the room to maintain the level of sunlight and offer a contemporary and stylish light fitting. Not only a sunlight distributor, the diffuser also insulates the fitting to prevent any warmed or cooled air from escaping and blocks almost all UV from the sunlight to protect carpets and soft furnishings from fading.

For more information on our Solatube kits and to find the correct kit for your roof visit our main website. We stock Solatube for pitched and flat roofs, and for a range of installations so you are sure to find the right sun tunnel with us!

- by Marc Yates

Post By Marc