If you follow this blog or our Facebook and Twitter pages regularly, you will know that we are great advocates of the Solatube sun tunnel daylighting systems. As proud stockists of Solatube kits, we like everyone to know about the efficient and economical solution they can bring to lighting interior spaces. If you’d like to know more about Solatube daylighting solutions and how they work, please read our recent blog post, ‘What is Daylighting?

Although we have explored in depth the construction of sun tunnels and how they channel daylight into the superbly reflective mirrored tube and into an interior space, we also have a number of Solatube accessories which add to the high performance these tubular skylights can offer.

160DS and 290DS Solatube kits are designed to fit a range of installation spaces in both pitched and flat roofs, though if you have a particularly large installation area and need to extend the length of the reflective tube extensions are available to customise the sun tunnel kit to fit your home. The extension of the tube will mean that the sunlight has further to travel however the Spectralight® Infinity tube will mean the loss of light is greatly minimised. Even with an extended installation space your Solatube kit will deliver remarkable results.

Alongside the extension tubes, we have a number of internal fittings available for Solatube sun tunnel kits which can improve the performance of the sun tube to meet specific needs. Especially designed for use in bathrooms, a ventilation kit can be fitted in place of a Solatube diffuser to provide extractions of up to 52 litres of air per second with the use of two metres of ducting included with the kit. This kit is attractively designed to suit most interior designs, and it is also compatible with the Solatube Electric Light Kit to offer artificial lighting at night. Positioned within the tube itself, installing this kit removes the need to have an additional light fitting on the bathroom ceiling!

To offer more control over the amount of natural light entering the space, which may be particularly advantageous in the long summer evenings, an electric dimmer kit may be added to the Solatube diffuser. An electric motor opens and closes a butterfly fitting, dimming or brightening the light admitted by the sun tunnel at the flick of a switch!

For more information on our range of superb Solatube accessories please visit our main website. Are you already benefitting from a sun tube in your home or commercial space? Get in touch with us and let us know!

Post By Marc