‘Daylighting’ is broadly termed as the use of a sun tunnel and roof dome to channel natural sunlight into an internal space to provide an energy efficient and effective alternative to artificial lighting. Particularly popular in internal spaces with few or no windows, the internal diffuser fits to a ceiling and resembles a recessed light fixture to complement a huge range of interior design styles.

Relying on natural light to illuminate a room requires high performance equipment to make the most of every ray of sunshine, and sun tunnel kits are designed with outstandingly reflective tubing material which reflects up to 500% more light than other reflective materials in the industry resulting in clear, bright natural light even in low light. This ability to maximise minimal light is done thanks to the composition of the sunlight catching dome, which sits on the roof and utilises a prism-like structure to angle light into the tube. This means that it isn’t necessary for the light to be direct for the brightness of the sun tube to illuminate the interior space.

The effectiveness of the composite parts of a sun tunnel kit are what make it so superbly efficient, both in terms of the output and the energy efficiency it can offer. Installing a daylighting system will dramatically reduce the need for electric lights, and the prism structure of the dome cuts the need for artificial lighting in the mornings and evenings. For those who are enthusiastic about green technology in the domestic or commercial space, daylighting sun tube systems are a fast and cost-effective way to reduce a carbon footprint and reduce energy costs at the same time!

Sun tunnels are designed to provide an attractive finish with minimal intrusion to an interior space, so they are perfect for homes, offices, warehouses, hotels and any number of spaces which would benefit from natural light. Here at Roofing Supplies UK we champion our Solatube sun tunnels as being the highest quality and most effective available. We stock Solatube kits for both flat and pitched roofs to fit a wide range of installation spaces, so there is sure to be a kit in our collection to suit your requirements. The Spectralight Infinity tubing on Solatube kits is a revolutionary material which outstrips its competitors, ensuring immediate results and a terrifically long lasting daylighting solution. With Solatube you really can think in the long term.

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Post By Marc