Eternit Fibre Cement Slate 600mm x 600mm-Blue/Black

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£1.90 ex VAT
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Minimum of 30 required

Product Description

A smooth surface and square cut edges give a low profile slate at an economical price, particularly suitable to complex roof geometries down to 15°. This market leading light weight roof slate is now available in five new colours and three shapes providing even more design flexibility.  With its low wastage and ease of installation, it's easy to see why it is the product of choice for all types of new build and refurbishment projects. 

Size of Tile600mm x 300mm
500mm x 250mm
Minimum Pitch600mm x 300mm500mm x 250mm
Minimum pitch (100mm lap)Minimum pitch (100mm lap)
Moderate exposure: 22.5°Moderate exposure 22.5°
Severe exposure: 25°Severe exposure 25°
Minimum pitch (110mm lap)Minimum pitch (110mm lap)
Moderate exposure 20°Moderate exposure 22.5°
Severe exposure 22.5°Severe exposure 25°
Low pitch application 
Minimum pitch (110mm lap) 
15° - 17.5° @ 4m max. rafter length 
17.5° - 20° @ 6m max. rafter length 
Thrutone shapes 
Full roof 35 minimum pitch 
Maximum Pitch90°
Minimum Headlap600mm x 300mm500mm x 250mm
100mm, 110mm100mm
Maximum Gauge600mm x 300mm500mm x 250mm
Covering CapacityNet Slates/m2 
600mm x 300mm500mm x 250mm
100mm lap 13.4100mm lap 20.0
110mm lap 13.6
Weight of 
600mm x 300mm500mm x 250mm
100mm lap 20.4 (0.20kN/m2)100mm lap 21.3 (0.21kN/m2)
110mm lap 20.9 (0.20kN/m2)
Battens Required(net lin.m/m2) 
600mm x 300mm500mm x 250mm
100mm lap 4.00100mm lap 5.00
110mm lap 4.08
Batten Size Recommended38 x 25 mm for rafters / supports not exceeding 450mm centres
50 x 25mm for rafters / supports not exceeding 600mm centres
Tile NailsSlate nails (Copper to BS1202-2) 30mm x 2.65mm
Copper disc rivetsRequired
AuthorityBS EN 492


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