Sheep Wool Comfort Insulation 100mm x 380mm x 4m - 4.56m²

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£48.96 ex VAT
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Product Description

Sheep Wool Insulation Comfort rolls are ideal for all attic insulation and loft insulation requirements.  Comfort is high performing thermal insulation along with high acoustic performance . Comfort is ideal for all horizontal applications. Perfect for use in floor and ceiling level applications , and this range is available in a variety of sizes.

Sheep Wool Insulation Comfort rolls are ideal for all horizontal applications. Comfort Insulation is high performing, low density insulation the perfect choice if you are looking for attic insulation, loft insulation, floors and ceilings. Comfort insulation is available in a variety sizes. 100% Pure wool with full  IONIC PROTECT®.


High Performance
Comfort is a highly effective insulation roll with a superior thermal performance over glass or mineral wool products. Comfort is made of pure new wool fibres, which hold their shape and thickness right throughout their lifetime. Being produced from 100% pure wool fibres, Comfort is a fully breathable material that will maintain it's thermal efficiency even in the harshest climates.


Safe & Healthy
Comfort is a safe material, not only to handle and install, but to have within your home. Wool fibres are completely safe to touch and work with, requiring no special handling or protective equipment. Comfort insulation rolls can be installed on top of existing glass or mineral wool, reducing the opportunity for their potentially hazardous particles to become airborne. Due to it's high moisture content, wool does not support combustion and will extinguish itself when the source of flame is removed. In the event of a fire, wool is a much safer material than man-made products as it does not release poisonous fumes.


Environmental Benefits
Sheep Wool Insulation products have unrivalled environmental credentials, making it them the "greenest" choice of any insulation product on the market. Sheep's wool is a naturally occurring fibre, so it is a renewable and sustainable source of raw material. Wool has zero global warming potential and is carbon neutral, so choosing Comfort means your insulation will have no environmental impact. Sheep Wool Insulation also requires only a fraction of the energy to produce in comparison to other insulation materials. At the end of its useful life, Comfort can be reused as insulation, recycled into other wool products or buried where it will eventually biodegrade.


Comfort is a very competitively priced natural insulation range. As the lowest priced pure wool fibre insulation in the world, Comfort leads the way in giving homeowners, builders and professionals the choice to use natural materials in their projects. Being produced in both 100mm and 150mm thick rolls, Comfort needs less layers to meet modern building regulations, saving time and even more money during installation.


  • Length – 4m
  • Width – 380mm
  • Thickness – 100mm
  • Units per pack – 3
  • Total Pack Coverage – 4.56m²
  • Thermal Conductivity - 0.042 W/mK
  • Raw Density – 14kg/m³


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