Hot Air Guns

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Explore our comprehensive hot air gun collection from market leaders such as Steinel. A popular tool for professional roofers and DIY enthusiasts alike, our heat guns are specially designed to improve the workability of roofing materials such as Fleece-Backed EPDM or PVC membranes.

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Steinel Silicone 40mm Seam Roller
Steinel Seam Testing Tool
Steinel HG 2420 E in Carry Case
Steinel HG 2620 E in Carry Case
Steinel Rubber 50mm Pressure Roller
Steinel Flat Angled Nozzle 20mm x 2mm
Steinel Flat Angled Nozzle 40mm x 2mm
Steinel Teflon Pressure Roller
Steinel Brass Penny Roller
Steinel Fillet Weld-Feeder Tool
Steinel Tarpaulin Shears 8mm 22cm