Window Blinds for Pitched Roofs

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If you have a pitch roof window, then you know how important it is to have the right window covering to provide privacy, insulation, and light control. Our pitch roof window blinds are the perfect solution for homeowners who want to enhance the functionality and style of their skylights.
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VELUX Blackout Solar Roller BlindVELUX Blackout Solar Roller Blind
VELUX Blackout Solar Roller Blind
From £118.95 Ex VAT
VELUX Blackout Manual Roller BlindVELUX Blackout Manual Roller Blind
VELUX Duo Blackout Manual Roller BlindVELUX Duo Blackout Manual Roller Blind
VELUX Blackout Electric Roller BlindVELUX Blackout Electric Roller Blind
VELUX Translucent Solar Roller BlindVELUX Translucent Solar Roller Blind
VELUX Translucent Manual Roller BlindVELUX Translucent Manual Roller Blind
VELUX Translucent Electric Roller BlindVELUX Translucent Electric Roller Blind