Lineflex Fleece-Backed EPDM Rubber Roofing

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Used in commercial and residential roofing applications, Lineflex EPDM is a highly durable fleece-backed EPDM rubber membrane that adheres to most substrates including felt, asphalt, concrete, fibreglass and much more.
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TRC Techno Raised Edge Trim 2.5mTRC Techno Raised Edge Trim 2.5m
TRC Techno Gutter Trim 2.5mTRC Techno Gutter Trim 2.5m
TRC Techno External Edge Trim CornerTRC Techno External Edge Trim Corner
TRC Techno External Gutter Trim CornerTRC Techno External Gutter Trim Corner
TRC Techno Internal Edge Trim CornerTRC Techno Internal Edge Trim Corner