Impermeable Underlays

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An impermeable underlay, or non-breathable membrane as it is sometimes referred to, is an essential step in any pitched roofing project where traditional ventilation is being used. Our specialist selection of underlays from trusted brands such as Klober, and Glidevale Protect, are designed as an ideal alternative to F1 felts, 5U felts and plastic sheet materials.
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traditional 1f alternative
Klober Non Breathable Sepa Light - 1m x 45m
low pitch solution
Klober Permo Extreme 200 Pre-Taped Breathable MembraneKlober Permo Extreme 200 Pre-Taped Breathable Membrane
Protect Wunderlay Impermeable Underlay
Protect A1 Impermeable Underlay
Protect A1T3 Plus Impermeable Underlay