Lead Roofing Tools

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A selection of tools for fixing, cutting, and manipulating lead.
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Plastic Lead Bossing Mallet
Plastic Lead Dressing Tools
Oxyturbo 90 Gas Lead Welding Kit
Oxyturbo Gas Refill
Oxyturbo Gas Refill
£11.66 Ex VAT
100mm Cranked Seaming Plier100mm Cranked Seaming Plier
Oxyturbo Oxygen Refill
Oxyturbo Oxygen Refill
£22.55 Ex VAT
10" Straight Blade Tin Snips
Oxyturbo Replacement Neck Tube
Oxyturbo Stella Nozzle Set
Plastic Lead Setting Stick
Plastic Lead Bending Stick
Plastic Lead Chase Wedge
Plastic Lead Chase Wedge
£15.65 Ex VAT
Lead Work Scraper
Lead Work Scraper
£4 Ex VAT
Wood Lead Dresser - Small
100mm Straight Seaming Plier
EDMA Flyer Metal Shear 75mm Tin Snips
Plastic Lead Dresser - Large
Wood Lead Dresser - Medium
Plastic Lead Dresser - Small
Lead Wooden Chase Wedge - Small
Lead Wooden Chase Wedge - Medium
Lead Wooden Chase Wedge - Large
Lead Setting Stick - Wood
Lead Bending Stick - Wood
Lead Bossing Stick - Wood
Lead Wooden Bossing Mallet - Small
Lead Wooden Bossing Mallet - Medium
Lead Wooden Bossing Mallet - Large
Plastic Lead Bossing Stick
EDMA Flyer Metal Shear 42mm
EDMA Pluricoup Multi-Purpose PliersEDMA Pluricoup Multi-Purpose Pliers
Oxyturbo Handset & Hose Assembly
Wood Lead Dresser - Large
Plastic Lead Dresser - Medium