Fixing Flat Roof Damage in Time for Winter

Flat Roof Repair 

Flat roofs are widely used in residential and commercial buildings and are often chosen as they can save time, money, and extra work during the construction process.  

You may have a flat roof on your garage or single-storey extension, but wherever your roof is located, ensuring it is properly maintained is essential.  

Signs of Flat Roof Damage 

Unfortunately, flat roofs can be prone to leaks. Being aware of the signs of a leak and knowing how to repair it is vital to prevent further damage. Signs of damage to look out for include: 

  • Cracks 
  • Splits 
  • Moisture patches on ceilings under the flat roof 
  • Water ponding on the flat roof surface 

Ensuring your flat roof repair is completed before winter arrives is vital to ensure your home stays warm and dry, whatever the weather has in store. 

What Happens if You Ignore Flat Roof Damage? 

Carrying out repairs to your flat roof as soon as you notice the first signs of damage is crucial. If you ignore flat roof damage, a wide range of potential problems can develop. 

  • A small leak progressively becomes a severe issue requiring full roof replacement. 
  • Roof damage can cause moisture, leading to mould and mildew developing in your property. Mould and dampness are potentially harmful to health, especially if you have respiratory conditions. 
  • Ponding water on your flat roof can freeze and add extra weight to your roof, putting it under increased pressure. 

How to Fix a Flat Roof

  1. It is essential to start by identifying the cause of the damage so you can assess which materials you need to complete your repair.
  2. Remove any moss, dirt, or debris from the area that needs to be repaired.
  3. If possible, wait for the roof to dry before you start your repair.
  4. For small cracks and tears, you should be able to apply an emergency acrylic repair system to your roof. The waterproof properties of the acrylic system will ensure it is weather-resistant.
  5. Repairing areas of roof damage with roofing cement and patches will help ensure it is waterproof and weathertight and can be used on most flat roof surface materials.

What to Look for in Flat Roof Repair Products

To ensure that your roof repair is effective, you must choose the right products for the job. Here are some of the qualities to look out for when selecting repair products for your flat roof:

  • Choosing a repair product that can be applied to a damp surface will allow you to repair your leak fast.
  • Replacing felt with an EPDM rubber membrane will help prevent future leaks as it is less prone to damage.
  • Selecting paint-on waterproofing repair systems will get the job completed quickly and efficiently.

Here at Roofing Supplies UK, we have all the flat roof repair products you need to fix your roof quickly. If your roof is beyond repair, we can help with that, too, as we have all the supplies you need to install a new flat roof.

Acrypol Plus Acrylic Waterproof Coating 

This acrylic waterproof coating from Acrypol has been specifically developed for use in roof repair by refurbishing failed industrial, commercial, or domestic flat roofs. It is quick and easy to apply using a brush due to its semi-liquid state. Drying to form a tough and flexible overlay, this simple, one-coat all-weather protection is perfect for general property maintenance and roof repair. 

KoverTek TekCryl Acrylic Repair System 

This acrylic roof repair system from KoverTek is a ready to use cold application roof repair system. Highly flexible and durable, it is suitable for all roof structures including flat and pitched, as well as bituminous surfaces, gutters, brickwork, asbestos, concrete, felt, metal, and fibreglass. TekCryl can be used all year round and can be applied to damp and wet surfaces, the weather resistant properties of this system, make it the perfect solution for roof repair. 

Cromapol Acrylic Waterproofing Roof Paint 

This acrylic waterproofing roof paint from Cromapol is a fibre reinforced liquid acrylic resin dispersed in solvent and designed to prevent the ingress of water. Used to bridge small gaps, this one coat application, instant waterproofing paint is available in multiple colour options and is perfect for flat and pitched roofs, roof lights, flashings, fibre cement sheeting, gutters, slate, asphalt, lead, metal and roofing felt (primed). The perfect option for your roof repair project. 

Britannia Aquashield High Build Acrylic Roof Coating 

This aquashield high build acrylic roof coating from Britannia has been created as waterproof protection for any flat roof. The thick formula can be applied easily by using a brush, the solution can be used on almost all non-wooden flat roof surfaces making it a great option for your roof repair project. 

ClassicRepair Instant Waterproofing Roof Repair Liquid 

This high quality, instant solution for roof repairs from ClassicRepair, gives your roof a durable seamless waterproof coating, the perfect one coat application for flat and pitched roof repairs that can also be used on gutters, brickwork, concrete, felt and fibreglass surfaces, making this a great option for your roof repair project. 

Karnak 19 Ultra Instant Roof Repair 

This instant roof repair from Karnak has been designed with a unique no rip formula that provides rapid, instant, and permanent, waterproof roof repair to a wide variety of materials including downpipes, chimneys, wood, skylights, gutters, felt asphalt, metal, bitumen, concrete, masonry, roofs, balconies, walls, GRP and tiles. Ultra-instant roof repair can be applied to wet or dry surfaces, stopping leaks in their tracks. Perfect for detailing rooflights, up stands and parapet walls, with the inclusion of tape this product can be applied to most surfaces. The perfect addition to your roof repair project. 

Degaflex Waterproofing System 

Degaflex is a high performing waterproofing roof repair system that can be used in flat roofing. This weatherproofing system is an ultra-fast curing MMA (methyl methacrylate) that can be fully cured in less than 2 hours. Degaflex is flexible, yet extremely strong and will give you a fire-retardant membrane. An added bonus when using the Degaflex waterproofing roof repair system is it also has slip resistance properties, meaning it can also be used for walkways and access areas. 

Rooftec Aqua-Guard 

This Aqua Guard from Rooftec is the perfect companion for emergency roof repair. With one application, this waterproofing solution can aid with the refurbishment of domestic flat and sheet roofs. 

Choose your Flat Roof Repair products with Roofing Supplies UK 

Roofing Supplies UK is an expert retailer of flat roof repair products. We can advise on the right option for your needs, to ensure your waterproofing and repair project is a success. We have a range of flat roof repair products available to suit a huge variety of repair needs. 

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