Lead Flashing Alternatives: The Anti-theft Solution

Traditional Lead:

Used to prevent water penetration into your roof joints, at the chimney, vents, windows, door openings and at wall abutments. Coming in different codes, from code 3 up to code 8, these distinguish which thickness the lead is and therefore which application the lead would be best suited for. With a life span of over 100 years, traditional lead is malleable and maintenance free, the downside is the cost and the potential for lead poisoning making this resource complicated to fit and not safe to handle without the correct tools and knowledge.

 Lead Code Thickness (mm) Weight (KG per sqm)
Code 3 1.32mm 14.97kg
Code 4 1.80mm 20.41kg
Code 5 2.24mm 25.40kg
Code 6 2.65mm 30.10kg
Code 7 3.15mm 35.72kg
Code 8 3.5mm 40.25kg

With a market resale value of £1.02 to £1.12 per kilo the rate of theft on homes and businesses is high and climbing due to the current cost of living crisis. The UK’s lead and building material theft hotspots released by a Freedom of Information request show the total number of reported thefts of lead and other materials from homes and business across the UK. With the increase in theft, lead flashing alternatives have become the most popular choice.


What is Lead Flashing Alternative?

Lead free flashing alternative has been created to provide visually the same results as lead, coming in many colour options, there is always something to suit your property needs. A cost-effective solution, still fully weatherproof, strong, durable, and long lasting but with a shorter life span than traditional lead flashing, usually around 30 years. The majority of lead flashing alternatives are self-adhesive, quick, and easy to install, safe to handle, non-toxic and require no specialist tools to fit.


DEKS Fast Flash Lead Alternative

Fast Flash lead alternative from DEKS has been created with simplicity in mind. Quick and easy to use, this self-adhesive lead alternative is available in multiple colour options to suit your flashing needs. Compatible with most commercial roofing materials, Fast Flash lead alternative is becoming the number one go to in the roofing industry due to its BBA certification and versatility. Perfect for use on chimneys or abutments, Fast Flash is malleable, flexible, and due to its slower adhesive setting time, it can be repositioned to ensure the perfect fit every time.


Leadax Lead Alternative

This lead flashing alternative from Cromar has been designed with longevity in mind, with a 30-year life expectancy, this lead flashing alternative has the same look and feel of traditional lead but with no market resale value. Lightweight, easy to use and environmentally friendly, this sustainable lead flashing alternative makes the perfect option for your roofing project.


Danelaw Fast Flash Lead Alternative

This Fast Flash lead alternative, lead look-a-like, from Danelaw was designed for effortless application every time. Fast Flash is a composite consisting of an aluminium grid, embedded in an environmentally friendly polymer rubber. The composite has great stretching ability and can be increased by 60% in length and 20% in width making it the perfect option for use on chimneys or abutments. The easy to cut material means this option is eco-friendly with minimal waste and cut offs being able to be reused. With a 10-year guarantee, you can't go wrong with Fast Flash lead alternative from Danelaw.


Rooftec Lead Alternative

This lead flashing alternative from Rooftec has many advantages over traditional lead flashing, with no market resell value, this product is anti-theft and deters potential thieves targeting your property due to traditional leads high market value. The high strength and flexibility of this lead flashing alternative ensures the life expectancy of this product is long-lasting making this excellent value for your money. 


Ubbink Ubiflex Lead Alternative

This lead alternative from Ubiflex has been designed with reliability in mind, made with modified polyethylene compound with an aluminium mesh reinforcement. Ubiflex is a non-lead flashing material which can be used in all applications where lead is traditionally fixed. Lightweight, environmentally friendly, and sustainable, Ubiflex lead alternative is non-toxic, easy, and safe to handle, and has zero scrap value so eliminates the potential for theft. The malleability of this product allows aprons up to 12m long to be formed without seams or expansion joints creating less wastage than with traditional lead.


Ubbink Ubiform Lead Alternative

This cost-effective, self-adhesive lead flashing alternative from Ubbink is strong, durable, and lightweight making it quick & easy to install. Requiring no specialist tools to fix, this lead flashing alternative can stretch up to 60% more than its original form making it flexible and malleable for the perfect fit in even the most difficult of places.


Wakaflex Lead Free Flashing

This lead flashing alternative from Wakaflex has been created with versatility in mind, with the ability to stretch up to 50% in length and 15% in width, when dressed into the pan of the tile, straightforward application can be ensured. With the appearance and feel of traditional lead without the scrap value, this product is anti-theft in nature. Wakaflex lead flashing alternative is the perfect option for a move away from traditional lead, self-adhesive and with no specialist tools required, you can't go wrong.


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