Natural Roof Slates: A Traditional Building Material Made Modern

Why Choose Natural Roof Slate?

Natural roof slate is one of the most long-lasting natural materials, standing the test of time, perfectly weatherproof and full of natural beauty, no two types of slate are the same which makes it one of the best choices as a roofing solution. Containing beautiful veins making each piece stunningly unique, to matt finish and polished finishes, slates are classic and timeless. With a lifespan of well over 100 years you know your roof will be in good hands. With a natural slate roof mined from one of the world’s finest slate quarries comes the potential to increase the value of your home, slate roofs are a highly sought-after feature for houses on the property market.


A Rainbow of Slate

As one of the most sturdy and versatile roofing materials, slate comes in a variety of colours to choose from, a visually appealing natural resource with a lifespan of 100 plus years. Perfect as a roofing solution for that modern mansion or historical home. The amazing natural beauty of this resource is next to none, strong, weather resistant and hardy. Slate tiles are the way to go for minimum maintenance and long-lasting reliability. With colour options for everyone choose your natural slate roof tiles today.

The Slate Extraction Process

Natural slate processing is a careful environmentally friendly process aimed at minimal waste and environmental impact. The slate is extracted from above ground quarries and below ground mines all over the world and shaped using no chemicals, keeping the product sustainable and eco-friendly. Large blocks of slate are extracted from the quarries and mines and are sawn using diamond saws and water for cooling, they are cut into the sizes required, they are then shaped into sheets by hand to ensure minimal waste of this precious resource. The slate sheets are then bevelled and ready to be transported for sale.


Brazilian Natural Roof Slate:

Natural Brazilian roof slate is both long lasting and weatherproof, protecting your home from the elements, be it wind, rain, or frost. This cost-effective roofing solution is responsibly sourced and takes minimal processing to create the ideal tiles for your beautiful home. Made from stunning natural grey/green slate or dark grey graphite slate, it is the ultimate option for domestic properties looking to have the perfect finish. Originating from Brazil, this Sobrano slate offers a durable, long lasting roof slate option, a natural flat finish with a subtle green hint, making it very pleasing on the eye. Naturally fire resistant, slate stands the test of time and often outlives the building it is placed on making it the optimum choice as a roof covering.


Spanish Natural Roof Slate:

Visually stunning and robust, Natural Spanish blue grey roof slates contain scatterings of stable pyrite which will not bleed or leech when exposed to the elements but will create the most beautiful slate roof for your home. Spanish heavy slate roof tiles from UK Slate have been quarried from the highly regarded Northwest region of Spain from the Rozadais formation, laid down in the Ordovician period some 435-455 million years ago, this is a true metamorphic stone. Known for its quality and longevity, these slates aren’t only cost-effective, they’re hardwearing and responsibly sourced too.


Chinese Natural Roof Slate:

All slates weather naturally over a period of time once installed, a main feature of Chinese slates in particular, is a tendency to weather and show various percentages of colour change more quickly; thereby creating the appearance of a more established and naturally aged roof. Weathering will not affect the slates functionality however, making this a great roofing solution if an aged style is something you are wanting to achieve. Extremely hardwearing, Chinese natural roofing slate isn’t just cost-effective but also comes in a stunning dark charcoal grey colour that has a classy, visually appealing finish.


Welsh Natural Roof Slate:

Welsh slate is often considered to be the best natural roof slate in the world and is often seen on many historic and prestigious buildings across the UK. Welsh Penrhyn country grade slate gives a stunning heather blue/purple colour, which is rare in the slate industry. When you purchase Welsh roof slate, you are getting a slate that is renowned for its quality and durability. Not only is it visually stunning, but this slate also has a high weather resistance, it is strong and durable and has a high resistance to acid and alkaline too.


Natural Slate Fixings

Slates can be held in place with our secure slate fixing hooks, a cost-effective, strong, and sturdy slate tile fixing option. Tack in to place for a strong hold with copper roofing nails or silicone bronze nails, galvanised steel should not be used due to their potential to stain and bleed on to the slate. Disk rivets are used in conjunction with our natural slate fixings, using one rivet per slate, they’re super easy to install, made from weather resistant copper, disc rivets are a cost-effective way to ensure extra security and peace of mind.



Standard headlap is usually 3 inches but varies according to slope, the headlap is what keeps the water from penetrating through the roof. Headlap is essentially what makes the roof watertight and therefore secure from the elements. If there is no headlap, the roof will leak creating many issues. Having extra overlap makes for a tighter roof, one that is less likely for wind to get underneath the slates helping to prevent slate breakage due to wind uplift. Headlap tables can help you work out how many slates you will need.


Permavent Easy Slate Roof System

With the minimum pitch usually 20 degrees for natural slate roof tiles, this can sometimes prove to be a disappoint when you have found the tile of your dreams only to discover it unsuitable for the pitch of your roof. Enabling slates to be used on roof pitches as low as 12 degree and suitable for commercial, domestic and heritage properties, the Permavent Easy Slate Roof System can rectify this issue. The easy slate system has been tested thoroughly at the BRE and is approved by both the LABC and NHBC. With a 40-year guarantee you can’t go wrong. Available in 500mm and 600mm lengths your natural slate roof project problems are solved.


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