Bitumen Roof Shingles: Compromise on Cost Not Quality

What is Bitumen?

One of the world’s most renewable resources bitumen has a low environmental impact making it perfect for use in the construction industry. It is currently one of the most recycled materials in the world by volume, even being purchasable up to 98% recycled in some places. Found as a highly viscous liquid or in a semi-solid form in natural deposits.


Why Choose Bitumen Roof Shingles?

Bitumen roof shingles are versatile and easy to install coming in self-adhesive options as well being able to apply using a separate strong adhesive with brush. Lightweight, strong, and durable, these shingles decrease the amount of load on the roof easing stress on the beams helping the structural integrity of your building. The superior materials in which bitumen roof shingles are made from help to keep your property weatherproof and watertight and protected from wind uplift which has become an issue in the UK due to a rise in more extreme weather events in recent years. Bitumen roof shingles are a cost-effective roofing solution with a lifespan of up to 30 years making them one of the most popular choices on the market.


Bitumen Tile Colour Options

Available in a multitude of colour options, the most popular being, black, red, green, grey and brown and coming in many styles, including 3 tab square, hexagonal and scalloped there is always something for everyone. Suitable for many roofing applications, from temporary or permanent, domestic, or commercial there is no end to what can be accomplished with this strong, durable, and cost-effective roofing solution.


Roofing Supplies Bitumen Felt Roof Shingles

With 3 tab square bitumen roof shingles options as well hexagonal bitumen roof shingle options from Roofing Supplies there are designs to suit even the most complicated palate. These tiles have been designed with quality in mind. Visually appealing with a long-lasting enduring strength, they will get the job done. With five colour options to choose from there is something for everyone. Weathertight and watertight, lightweight, and easy to install, these bitumen shingles are a cost-effective roofing solution that hold up to other options. With a 15 year plus lifespan, they are hard wearing, and all come with 10-year manufacturers guarantee.

Roofing Supplies Bitumen Hip & Ridge Shingles

Available in green, red, and black, the bitumen hip & ridge shingles from Roofing Supplies have been created to go with the Roofing Supplies Bitumen Shingles. Lightweight and versatile, this product is provided as a pack of pre perforated shingles to be cut down into individual tabs, then laid out over each other to form a ridge or hip on a shingle roof.


Katepal Bitumen Felt Roof Shingles

Bitumen Felt Roof Shingles by Katepal, bringing a superior quality material to the everyday DIY-builder. Professional quality bitumen roof tiles built to last, these versatile roof tiles come in a variety of colours made for everyone’s design style and colour choice, bound by our price match promise you can’t go wrong. Why not take advantage of our discounts when bulk buying Katepal bitumen felt roof shingles. professional quality at affordable prices, creating a visually stunning pattern, give your roof a new vibrant appeal with the new mineral coating and colour options available with the Super Rocky tile. Katepal offer ambitious tile styles that are unique whilst still abiding by building regulations.



Coroshingle Bitumen Felt Roof Shingles

Coroshingle square butt bitumen roof shingles have been designed using the latest in technological know-how. Attractive, yet strong and durable, the high-performance weather resistant qualities of these tiles make them the perfect choice for your bitumen roof project. Eco-friendly, with high insulation and sound absorbency, these shingles are compatible with most commercially available construction materials. Simple to fix and with a traditional tile finish for your roof, these visually appealing tiles come with a 10-year warranty. Guaranteed waterproof for 10 years meaning little to no maintenance in that time, hard wearing and weatherproof, you can’t go wrong with this choice for your bitumen roofing solution.




Coroshingle Detailing Strips

Available in green, red, slate, the Coroshingle detailing strips have been designed to go hand in hand with Coroshingle bitumen roof tiles, coming in the same colour options, this detailing strip is for dressing the ridge, verge, or eaves to create a professional, high-quality finish to your bitumen roof project. Lightweight and easy to use, these eco-friendly strips come with a 10-year waterproof guarantee. 

Choose your Bitumen Felt Roof Shingles with Roofing Supplies UK

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