Castle Composites GRC Promenade Tiles: The Strong Choice.

What is GRC? Glassfibre reinforced concrete is at the forefront of design and imagination. A modern creation that has changed the world of construction and industry placing no limits on what can be achieved.

Castile tiles are produced from a blend of silica sand, high strength granite, top quality cement, glass fibre and product enhancing additives.



GRC: What can be achieved?

The many uses of GRC in the construction industry are next to none for other materials, it can be moulded to form both modern or traditional designs, to repair or create! It can be painted or left as it is making it one of the most versatile materials with many finishes and applications making it the perfect material for tile creation. The intricate designs appearing almost delicate do not compromise on strength and durability. Reducing the load on buildings leads to a significant decrease to wear on the roofing and building structure ensuring your building quality is not compromised.

Castile Promenade Tiles from Castle Composites
A beautiful range of stunning, hardwearing, anti-slip tiles making them the ideal option for use on flat roofs, patios, balconies, terraces, and other outdoor areas requiring hard wearing, but a high-quality professional finish.


Castile Checkerplate GRC Promenade Tiles
The Checkerplate GRC Promenade Tiles from Castile are strong, durable, and environmentally friendly. With an extremely high slip resistance, these tiles are hardwearing and ensure safety is paramount in wet conditions. The Checkerplate design is visually appealing and creates a traditional finish to your project. Available in nine colour options, there is a choice to suit everyone’s unique style.

Castile Diamond GRC Promenade Tiles
Made to mimic traditional Victorian Diamond paving, the Diamond GRC Promenade tiles from Castile are environmentally friendly and both strong and durable like the other designs. The unique edging on this tile help to keep rainwater from pooling on the walking surface and keeps the appearance of the tile even. With a high slip resistance like the Checkerplate tile, these Diamond tiles help keep you safe in wet and slippery conditions. A unique and traditional design available in six colour options that will most definitely be a conversation starter.


Castile Imperial GRC Promenade Tiles

Coloured to resemble rustic fashion tiles, the Imperial GRC Promenade tiles from Castile are strong, and environmentally friendly, with a slight split stone effect, these tiles have a light slip resistance and a smoother appearance than the Checkplate and Diamond design tiles. Available in ten semi smooth colour options, these tiles are reminiscent of a Tuscan villa.

Castile Riven GRC Promenade Tiles

Designed to give the best of both worlds in the way of strength and durability of Glassfibre reinforced concrete with the appearance of traditional stone paving, the Riven promenade tile has a classic appearance with a slight slip resistance much like the Imperial promenade tile. Available in eight colour options to suit the finish of your dreams, these tiles are strong, environmentally friendly, and extremely lightweight making them the perfect options for your floor tiling project.



Castile Striated GRC Promenade Tiles

The highly textured Striated GRC Promenade Tiles from Castle Composites are designed with reliability in mind, these tiles are ideally suited for paving flat roofs, balconies, terraces, and walkways when a low threshold and light weight product is required. Highly slip resistant and available in nine colour options, the “bark” like finish of these tiles make them a popular choice for outdoor natural areas for homes.


Castle Composites GRC PU Adhesive

GRC PU promenade tile adhesive from Castle Composites has been designed to adhere GRC tiles to a multitude of surfaces, from bituminous felt roofs, sanded asphalt and almost all other flat roof surfaces. This highly effective fixing method, when cured retains a degree of flexibility which allows for thermal and structural movement of the tiles and roof that other cementitious tile adhesives do not.


Why Choose GRC Promenade Tile Adhesive?

  • Protects from weather damage
  • Strong curing adhesive
  • Waterproof & solvent free
  • Flexible & versatile
  • Can be used in damp & humid conditions
  • Outlasts mortar
  • Strong & reliable


Why Choose Castle Composites Promseal?

Keep your GRC Promenade tiles looking fresh and new with Promseal from Castle Composites. The specially formulated acrylic resin can be applied to the tiles once freshly laid to protect and seal them leaving the tiles with a silky finish that aids cleaning and helps prevent stains and algae growth too.


Why Choose Castle Composites Promclean?

Cleaning your GRC Promenade tiles could not be easier, with Promclean removing dirt, and many other stains is a simple affair. All you need is a stiff scrubbing brush, cold water and Promclean and your tiles will be looking as good as new!


What Do Castle Composites Soft Shim Packers Do?

These soft shim packers from Castle Composites are the perfect companion to fit underneath your GRC Promenade tiles if you are fitting them on an uneven surface. Self-adhesive with release tape on both sides, the soft foam rubber aids stabilisation and help to ensure your tiles are the perfect fit every time.


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Roofing Supplies UK is an expert retailer of Castle Composites products. We can advise on the right option for your needs, to ensure your promenade tile project is a success. We have a range of Castle Composite products available to suit a wide variety of tiling needs.


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