Winter is Coming: Reduce Your Heating Cost and Save Money This Winter with Insulation

Why Insulate your home?

With 35% of heat in your home lost through the walls and even more lost through your roof space, insulation is key to ensuring a warm and dry home. If you have solid walls, without insulation, you’re spending roughly an extra £435 a year in a detached house and £260 in a semi-detached house on heating. Installing insulation can ensure you save money by cutting costs on the heating and by making the heating in your home more efficient making it comfy, cosy and toasty!

Which insulation do I need?

With a variety of insulation products on the market how do you know which ones to choose? We are here to help. For applications such as filling cavity walls, solid walls, ceilings, floors and loft spaces, there is no end to where insulation can be fitted to help keep your home dry and warm and save you the pennies when you really need them.


Loft Insulation Rolls & Slabs

Coming in the form of a roll, loft insulation roll is convenient and easy to install. Modern loft roll insulation is fibre free meaning it is not detrimental to health, safe to handle making the installation cost-effective and quick.


Thermafleece CosyWool Sheeps Wool Roll

Thermafleece CosyWool Sheep’s Wool Loft Roll is easy to install and offers a high all-round performance, making it a cost-effective great option for installing between and over joists, perfect for floors and lofts.

Manufactured from 75% British Wool and 25% recycled polyester, this rich blend gives excellent breathability, durability, not to mention sustainability.



Thermafleece CosyWool Sheeps Wool Slab

Thermafleece CosyWool flexible slab is manufactured with 75% British sheep wool and 25% recycled polyster. CosyWool Slabs offer a fantastic all-round performance with excellent breathability, durability, and sustainability. CosyWool Sheep’s Wool is a perfect choice for insulating both walls and roofs, providing excellent acoustic performance and thermal efficiency.



Isover Spacesaver Loft Roll

This glass wool loft insulation roll, 150mm, from Isover has been designed with efficiency in mind, coming in longer roll lengths for ease of delivery, storage, and installation speed. Rolls are installed in two layers, the first layer between the joists and the second layer cross laid over the joists.



Knauf Loft Roll 44 Earthwool Combi-Cut

This Earthwool combi-cut loft roll insulation, 200mm, from Knauf has been designed with versatility in mind. Both lightweight and flexible, this loft roll is non-combustible giving you the perfect thermal solution to your pitched roof or ceiling level. 




SuperFOIL Underfloor Foil Insulation

This underfloor foil insulation, from SuperFOIL with 2 in 1 vapour control layer and foil insulation layer in one was designed to save you time, effort, space and money. Protect your property against heat loss through radiation that non-foil insulation’s offer no protection against. Installing this product as a continuous layer and ensuring it is fully sealed can provide an efficient air and vapour barrier. Controlling air leakage, like draughts is important to ensure a high level of energy efficiency.


Loft Insulation Board

Insulation boards are the optimal choice for warm lofts, easily cut to size, boards are denser have a more rigid construction needed for optimum thermal efficiency. Most modern boards have been designed to keep their form and not sag over time making them a strong, durable and resilient choice for your insulation project.

Celotex PIR Insulation Board

Celotex offers maximum performance for a multitude of applications. Specifically developed to provide simple solutions for overcoming localised thermal bridges, helping to keep your home warm and dry. For use in a number of insulation applications including roof, wall and flooring.


Recticel Eurothane GP PIR Rigid Insulation Board

Suitable for pitched roofs floors, ceilings, and framed walls, this PIR rigid insulation board from Reticel offers maximum performance. Environmentally friendly, lightweight yet strong and durable, this cost-effective insulation solution will help to keep your home warm and dry.



Kingspan Kooltherm Pitched Roof Insulation Board

This Kooltherm, pitched roof insulation board from Kingspan was designed with versatility in mind. Lightweight and easy to handle, this insulation board is suitable for use in dwarf walls, attic floors and dormer windows. Perfect to insulate the rafters of tiled or slated pitched roofs Kooltherms thin profile allows you to maximise space whilst still providing superior thermal performance. The fibre-free core makes this product safe and easy to handle and install.


SuperFOIL Multi-Layer Foil Insulation

This thermal multi-layer foil insulation, from SuperFOIL was designed with space and time saving in mind. Highly effective, it can protect against heat loss through radiation that no other non-foil membranes offer. Suitable for use on roofs, floors, and walls, it is the perfect companion for new build, retrofit and extension projects. Installing this product as a continuous layer and ensuring it is fully sealed can provide an efficient air and vapour barrier. Controlling air leakage, like draughts is important to ensure a high level of energy efficiency.


SuperFOIL Fire Rated Multifoil Insulation


This SF60 multifoil insulation, SuperFOIL is fire rated and was designed with your safety in mind. Highly effective, this top performing fire resistant multifoil is versatile and perfect for new builds and conversions. Helping prevent the spread and growth of fire, when used in conjunction with SuperFoil Superior Foil Tape, can ensure your property has fantastic thermal performance aiding in the reduction of bills and keeping your home dry and warm.



Sheep Wool Insulation

Sheep Wool Premium insulation was designed with high thermal performance in mind. A grey coloured insulation available in a variety of dimensions to suit your needs. Making an effective insulation with superior performance over almost all other natural and man-made fibre insulation products, Sheeps Wool insulation is the perfect choice to keep your home protected from the cold. A natural occurring fibre makes this an eco-friendly and carbon neutral product, ensuring you are doing your bit whilst also keeping your house warm and dry. Both lightweight and breathable, as well as safe to handle and install.


Quinn Therm PIR Insulation Board

PIR insulation board from Quinn Therm was designed with high performance in mind. Fibre free with high compressive strength this PIR board is suitable for suspended timber floors in particular. Aids the performance of underfloor heating and also helps to upgrade thermal performance of existing floors.


EcoTherm Eco-Versal General Purpose PIR Board

Suitable for floors, pitched roofs, cold flat roofs, timber frame walls, solid walls, ceilings, and room-in-roof applications. This general purpose, insulation PIR board from EcoTherm was created with versatility in mind.


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