Marley Concrete Tiles: The Best Choice for You

Why choose Marley concrete interlocking roof tiles? Marley concrete interlocking roof tiles are made from high quality affordable concrete. Certified as “excellent” for BES 6001, the responsible sourcing in construction certification. With all the benefits and appearance of more expensive tiles yet at the cost of concrete, you can’t go wrong, Marley concrete tiles have become one of the most popular and reliable brands on the market. Designed with exceptional strength and durability in mind, the long lifespan can withstand extreme weather conditions, rot and even insect damage, making these tiles the perfect option to complete your roofing project.



Marley Colour Schemes

With 9 concrete colour options to choose from, you can’t go wrong, ranging from contemporary to traditional options, there is something for everyone, Mosborough Red, Natural Red, Old English Dark Red, Dark Red, Smooth Brown, Antique Brown, Smooth Grey, Greystone and Anthracite.

What are Interlocking Roof Tiles?

Concrete interlocking roof tiles overlap and interlock at the sides meaning they can be laid single lap, keeping the overall weight of the roof covering down. Single lap tiles should be mechanically fixed using tile clips.


Marley Wessex

The Wessex concrete interlocking tile, available in the colour options Smooth Brown and Smooth Grey come as smooth facing tiles. Their uniform and minimal appearance makes the perfect option for your modern home. These tiles help the speedy run off of rainwater, no more stagnant water pooling in your roof cavity.

Marley Riven Edgemere

The Riven Edgemere concrete interlocking tile, available in Smooth Grey and Anthracite colour options is the perfect alternative to natural slate. With the unyielding strength and price of concrete with the appearance of quality slate, this tile is the perfect option for your contemporary home.


Marley Mendip

The Mendip concrete interlocking tile, available in Anthracite, Smooth Grey, Antique Brown, Smooth Brown, Dark Red, Old English Dark Red and Mosborough Red comes in both a granular and smooth finish. The double pantile design gives an instant visual appeal for a more traditional appearance for your roof.          


Marley Modern

The Modern concrete interlocking tile has a sleek modern design that appeals due to its strength and reliability. Available in Anthracite, Smooth Grey, Antique Brown, Smooth Brown, Old English Dark Red and Mosborough Red, this tile has a long life span that withstands the test of time like all Marley concrete tiles.

Marley Duo Modern

Duo Modern concrete interlocking roof tiles are designed to look like and blend in with the small format slates found in many regions, available in Old English Dark Red and Smooth Grey these tiles provide a visually uniform appeal to your roof.

Marley Plain

Marley concrete plain tiles are designed with tradition in mind, the authentic clean look gives a classic yet contemporary feel. This popular concrete plain tile comes in both smooth face and granular finishes, with a versatility next to none, this is the tile for your home.

Marley Ludlow Major

The Ludlow Major concrete interlocking tiles are designed with reliability in mind. Available with both smooth and granular finishes, and in a diverse colour range that allows it's specification for a vast array of environments and roofing developments.

Marley Ludlow Plus

The Ludlow Plus concrete interlocking roof tiles have a granular finish, this means there is a higher minimum pitch requirement of 22.5 degrees. With a functional yet timeless design, these tiles will give a uniform, clean finish to your roof. 

Marley Edgemere

The Edgemere concrete interlocking roof tiles have a clean, sleek appearance. At only 18mm thick, these tiles offer the appearance of traditional slate at a more reasonable price.

Marley Duo Edgemere

The Edgemere duo concrete interlocking roof tiles, are designed with strength in mind. The clean, sleek appearance of these slate-like tiles offers enormous kerb appeal. These have a smaller format appearance than the appearance of the Marley Edgemere.

The addition of a mock-bond down the centre of the tile, combined with a broken bond laying technique, creates this illusion with stunning results. Laying smaller format slates can be very expensive and time-consuming, but with Duo Edgemere you get the same visual impact with the ease of installation provided by standard interlocking tiles.

Marley Double Roman

Double Roman concrete interlocking tiles have a traditional appearance which offer a refreshing uniform finish on any home. Meeting planning requirements in the UK, these tiles make the perfect option to complete your roofing project.

Marley Anglia

Anglia concrete interlocking roof tiles are a single lap and have a classic clay pantile profile and bullnosed leading edge design, these tiles can offer a traditional, clean uniformed appearance to any roof. Coming in a distinctive range of 3 colours that add character and have a lasting beauty improving with each passing season.

Marley Ashmore

Ashmore concrete interlocking tiles, being a single lap interlocking double plain tile offers fantastic versatility and cost effectiveness, designed to perform at pitches as low as 22.5°,this tile provides outstanding performance every time.

Marley Ridge & Hip Tiles

Marley concrete ridge & hip tiles are strong and durable, built to last and compatible with multiple roof pitches and tile styles. Coming in all nine colours, these ridge and hips are the perfect accompaniment to your concrete roof tiles.

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