How VELUX Windows Will Reduce Your Costs This Winter

Are you trying to reduce your energy bill this winter? Energy bills in the UK increased by 36% from 2020 to 2021, with costs predicted to soar in the second half of 2022. Fortunately, roof windows are an affordable and smart way to reduce costs for your home. Read on to find out how VELUX windows will reduce your costs this winter.

What Are VELUX Windows?

VELUX is the leading manufacturer of pitched roof windows. They come with smart control or manual options, depending on the level of control you want over your internal climate. Their frames are either white PVC, painted, or pine, to help you find the perfect match for your property. They also allow for multifunctional blind fitting options including blackout blinds.


Read on to find out how VELUX windows will reduce your costs this winter.

Natural Light Will Reduce Your Heating Bill

Pitched roof windows will dramatically enhance the amount of light that can enter your home. When light enters a space through the windows, it creates additional warmth in a room. This will naturally reduce the amount of money it costs to heat that space, drastically reducing your energy bill. VELUX windows will make your home more energy efficient this winter.

Use Less Electricity

Natural lighting with VELUX is an energy efficient replacement for electric lights in the home. In fact, we waste up to £280 a year by leaving lights on overnight. Imagine how much money you’ll save by letting natural light replace you turning on a light switch for hours at a time. This is especially important during daylight hours in winter, where we may already be using our heating more than usual.

Reduce Home Repair Costs

The winter months are usually when we see problems like damp, mould and condensation in the home. With pitched roof windows like VELUX, you can improve the ventilation in your property, reducing the impact of moisture gathering in the home over the winter months. Fixing the repairs to a home caused by damp can range from £1,000 to £5,000 at a time. Reduce the damage to your home by investing in a VELUX roof window.

No Need to Paint Or Renovate

Is your kitchen, office, or dining room looking a little tired? You might think it's time to renovate, but it might be better to install VELUX roof windows to make these rooms look a little brighter. Rather than investing in costly home renovations, simply install windows to make your home look a little brighter this winter.

Cost-Effective Windows That Blend In

It’s often assumed that matching windows to your home is a costly affair. With VELUX you can feel confident that you are purchasing windows that blend in perfectly with the aesthetics in your home. Avoid the impact of installing expensive windows with VELUX pitched roof windows available in white PVC, white painted and pine frames.

Smart Technology to Insulate Your Home

Velux INTEGRA technology allows you to open and close windows with the click of a button. This cost-effective piece of technology will avoid the risk of open windows letting heat escape from your home. Feel confident that all your VELUX windows are safely shut with this piece of smart, affordable home technology.

Avoid The Costs of Expensive Installation

The costs of window installation, particularly for roof windows, can be even more expensive than the price of the windows themselves. This is often due to scaffolding prices. But, not with VELUX pitched roof windows. Our windows can be installed from within the roof recess itself, meaning that you can cut back on costs significantly when getting a VELUX roof window installed within your home.

VELUX Windows Last Longer

The finish on VELUX windows has been designed to protect the life of your roof window for longer. It can shield against the damage of UV, harsh sunlight, and water over time, prolonging the life of your windows. The strength of VELUX windows can also reduce any damage to the inside of your home from over exposure to sunlight.

Affordable And Adaptable Blinds and Shutters

VELUX windows come with fully adaptable blackout blinds and shutters. You won’t need to worry about the costs that come with trying to fit a blind into a roof window. Now, with VELUX multifunctional blinds, you can feel confident in child-safe and resilient technology at a reasonable price. VELUX blinds also come with precision-led technology that help to control the exact amount of light and temperature that enters your home.

Increase The Value of Your Property

Your roof is one of the most visible parts of your home, and roof windows are an easy way to improve its appearance. Studies show that any improvements to roofs, kitchens and bathrooms can have a return on your initial investment of as much as 50%. VELUX windows are visually stunning, and may boost the value of your property.

Low Maintenance and Upkeep

Reduce the costs associated with cleaning and maintaining traditional pitched roof windows. With VELUX, you simply need to conduct a yearly clean of the window glass to keep them in optimum condition. Keep your costs down and the aesthetics of your home high this winter. With other pitched roof windows, it can often be challenging to keep them clean, With VELUX the finish of the windows is specifically designed to stay cleaner for longer.

Buy VELUX Windows With Roofing Supplies UK

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