The Importance of a Dry Ridge System for your roof

Why can dry ridge systems save you money? Traditional mortar requires repeated maintenance over time due to the mix degrading and losing integrity. The repeat investment of money in to having your roof re-mortared can be avoided using a dry ridge system. Mechanically fixing your ridge and hip tiles in place to the timbers can ensure that the tiles are safe and secure from severe updrafts as well as providing much needed ventilation to protect your internal spaces from costly condensation build up. Costing an average £4603 to repair dry rot with the additional cost of £300 to have the dry rot survey conducted, problems such as wet rot, black mould and dry can be prevented with correct ventilation in to the roofing cavity.


Why Ventilate?

Ventilation is essential for the upkeep of your loft cavity for the prevention of severe costly issues such as dry rot, wet rot and black mould. Ventilating your loft space removed humid air and aid the circulation of fresh cool air to prevent timbers from rotting and your stored goods from falling victim to black mould.


What is Condensation?

Condensation is the formation of dampness when water vapour comes in to contact with surfaces that are cold, the dampness forms and creates the perfect condition for mould to grow. Once these conditions take hold within your loft cavity and roof space, it is a costly affair to correct, especially when problems arise with rot.


What is Dry Rot?

Dry rot is a form of fungal timber decay that once it has taken hold can cause thousands of pounds in damage to your roof, this is due to poor ventilation. The timber will crack, warp and powder and can even cause issues of collapse. The identification of dry rot is best done with the use of a specialist surveyor who can identify the issue. Using correct ventilation tools can prevent issues such as dry rot from arising.


What is Wet Rot?

Caused by a different fungal species than dry rot, wet rot needs a higher moisture level to grow, growing on timber predominantly, though not as aggressive as dry rot, it can cause damage that will cost thousands to repair once it has taken hold. Caused by poor ventilation and therefore build-up of condensation in places such as the roof cavity or loft space of your home.  




What are Dry Ridge Systems?

Dry ridge systems are a method of fixing roof tiles to the roof battens mechanically without the use of mortar which degrades over time. Dry ridge systems are a strong and reliable cost-effective method to achieve secure ridge and hip tiles, keeping them safe from aggressive updrafts that have become so prominent in the UK with the change in weather.


Cost of Dry Ridge System Installation

The cost of a installing a dry ridge system is affordable and makes for a quick and easy option. On average costing £275 for a standard semi-detached home, this is the perfect cost-effective solution which will save you money in the long run.


Can I convert my old roof to dry ridge?

Yes! You can. Converting your roof to a dry ridge system is more than possible, especially if your mortar is in disrepair already and in need of fixing. If the mortar is already loose, this would be the perfect opportunity to make the switch as the tiles will easily lift. However, If the mortar is not loose and aged, it may not be worth making the switch until it has reached this point.


How do I know my roof is ready for the switch?

  • If your roof has been damaged by the wind
  • If it is leaking
  • If you are repeatedly maintaining it die to damage
  • When your ridge tiles are loose and need replacing often


Which Dry Ridge System is Right for you?

The Klober dry ridge system is an economical dry ridge and hip system that helps to provide ventilation whilst also being cost effective and easy to install. Powerlon offers a universal dry ridge system that ventilates, with suitability for both new build and refurbishments. The ventilated flexible dry ridge kit from Ubbink is mortar free like all dry ridge systems, also offering a watertight finish. Rooftec offers one of the most cost-effective solutions that guarantees excellent coverage at any pitch. The high quality dry ridge system from European Plastics like all of the ridge kits on offer on our site, complies with BS 8612. Ryno Roofing has developed their dry ridge system for faster and safer ridge tile installation. Manthorpe offers solutions that are compatible with thicker clay half round and angled ridge tiles. Hambleside Danelaw has patented gasket technology in their dry ridge system designed to accommodate a greater range of roof pitches and ridge and hip tile types than other dry ridge systems on the market. Protect Fulmetal has a RediRoll system which is both universal and ventilated and manufactured entirely from aluminium for reliability and endurance.


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